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Peter du Toit

Peter du Toit

“The world has just undergone the largest workplace digital transformation in our history. Millions of people were forced to use technology in new ways to remain connected while apart. The pandemic and our response to it caught most businesses completely off guard. Now as we face the unfolding climate crisis head on, we cannot afford to make the same mistakes. The lessons we learnt must be applied to this crisis. We have reached a point where Climate Literacy is as important as Computer and Digital Literacy in the workplace.”

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Digital Workplace Design

We can assist you with a step-by-step to design of a digital workplace or office in the cloud unique to your business.


We present a series of live online instructor-led programmes to assist you improve your Digital and Climate Literacy.

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Peter du Toit is available to present virtually to your team or event on the future of work and related topics. 

Climate literacy is quickly becoming and extremely important workplace skill

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En-ROADS climate simulator as a climate literacy tool

Climate Literacy is fast becoming a very necessary workplace skill, a skill which every team member must have. As a result of the sheer magnitude of the task at hand, this skill can no longer be confined to the sustainability department. Every single decision that a...

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We are at an incredibly important juncture as a global community. The magnitude of the challenge facing us, namely to decarbonise the global economy fast enough to avert a global climate catastrophe, requires that we have some very important conversations. However, we...

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