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Virtual Consultation

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Our Founder

Peter du Toit

Peter du Toit

“The world has just undergone the largest workplace digital transformation in our history. Millions of people have been forced to use technology in new ways to remain connected while apart. This has proven to be stressful for many. However, prior to this health emergency workplaces were becoming more digital anyway, this event was just an accelerant. Never before has digital literacy, fluency and dexterity been as important as a workplace skill. Now is the time to ensure your business acquires these skills.”

Our Services

Digital Workplace Design

We can assist you with a step-by-step to design of a digital workplace or office in the cloud unique to your business.


We present a series of live online instructor-led programmes to assist you make flexible and remote work sustainable long-term.

Virtual Keynotes

Peter du Toit is available to present virtually to your team or event on the future of work and related topics. 

Digital literacy is currently one of the most in-demand workplace skills

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Warnings ignored – price paid

Warnings ignored – price paid

In May of 2018, at an event hosted by the CDC to commemorate the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, entitled 100 years of Influenza Pandemics and Practice: 1918-2018 the doctors and scientists present warned that the risk of another Spanish flu-like pandemic was high. One of...

Remote work resistance

Remote work resistance

As leadership teams consider their post-pandemic workplace strategies you hear sentiments like this: "Our plan to bring everyone back to the office is in no way a reflection of our employees not being able to work well in that way. We just think that it was effective...

How employees feel about being forced back into the office

How employees feel about being forced back into the office

Take a look at the comment below which was made in response to the reporting on the Boston Consulting research which indicated South African workers prefer working from home. Notice the last sentence “Hell if I had a job which allowed me to work remotely I’d take it.”...

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