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Virtual Consultation

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Virtual Work Skills for the Modern Workplace


Enroll in our self-paced, online masterclass “Virtual Work Skills for the Modern Workplace” to learn how to work successfully online

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Book Peter du Toit, FutureWork IQ’s founder, to speak at your next event or present a virtual work skills workshop for your team

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Our Founder

Peter du Toit

Peter du Toit

“The world has just undergone the largest workplace digital transformation in our history. Millions of people have been forced to use technology in new ways to remain connected while apart. This has proven to be stressful for many. However, prior to this health emergency workplaces were becoming more digital anyway, this event was just an accelerant. Never before has digital literacy, fluency and dexterity been as important as a workplace skill. Now is the time to ensure your business acquires these skills.”

Our Services

Digital Workplace Design

We can assist you with a step-by-step to design of a digital workplace or office in the cloud unique to your business.


We present a series of live online instructor-led programmes to assist you make flexible and remote work sustainable long-term.

Virtual Keynotes

Peter du Toit is available to present virtually to your team or event on the future of work and related topics. 

Digital literacy is currently one of the most in-demand workplace skills

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South African companies embrace remote work

South African companies embrace remote work

https://twitter.com/financialmail/status/1365147804042166273?s=21 Besides saving on rent they are also discovering that remote work allows them to: 🌍 Recruit talent from anywhere 👩🏻‍🎓 Retain their top people 🙆🏽‍♂️ Have happier staff 📊 Improve productivity ⚠️ Improve...

What does this have to do with business

What does this have to do with business

Everything. These 8mins contain an impassioned summary of the global challenge we now face post-covid. https://youtu.be/u7I5Ala6KYc Every single leadership team should be asking “what actions are we going to take *immediately* to be part of the solution” The pandemic...

We are sleepwalking into a catastrophe

We are sleepwalking into a catastrophe

Listed above are late winter temperature records being broken in Germany as we speak. Hamburg-Neuwiedenthal, for example, is normally about +4°C this time of year. Yesterday 21.1°C. We ALL need to take responsibility for the change that MUST happen namely decoupling...

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