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Designing a climate resilient workplace

We are able to assist you in two primary areas:

First, we can help you improve your organisations climate literacy. A climate literate team will be a major asset as you re-engineer your business to meet the challenges of a changing climate, and the evolving regulatory framework.

Second we are able to help you design a location independent business that will be a powerful climate resilient asset. We are able teach your team the necessary virtual work skills or digital literacy to work effectively as a location independent team.

Climate resilient workplaces will be filled with individuals who are climate and digitally literate. These workplaces will be flexible, digital-first environments. An effective digital-first workplace, that can support anywhere working, is much more than creating a virtual equivalent of your physical office. A well designed digital workplace allows you to rethink traditional synchronous ways of working and opens the opportunity to embrace asynchronous work, increasing your teams’ efficiency, productivity flexibility and mobility all important skills to be resilient in the face of the evolving climate crisis.

We are able to assist with all these elements ensuring that you have everything in place in order to allow your teams to work effectively and efficiently from anywhere long-term.

There are three pillars to a climate resilient workplace:

Climate Literacy

Climate literacy and all the decisions flowing from this will be championed by a leadership team fully committed to reducing emissions.

Digital Literacy

The entire team having high levels of virtual work skills or digital literacy and fluency. Enabling effective communication and collaboration at distance


The right technologies, suited to how your teams work and which allow you to work from anywhere asynchronously.

At FutureWork IQ our processes help you in designing these three pillars in order to reap the benefits of a climate resilient workplace.

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Peter du Toit - Future of Work Speaker

“Technology has untethered work from the office cubicle. Today knowledge work can be done from anywhere where there is a stable internet connection. All indications are that the workplaces that enable this flexibility, make organizations more agile, productive, efficien and resilient, but even more importantly, are large contributors to the happiness of the individuals who work in these.”

Peter du Toit


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