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Designing a climate resilient workplace

We are able to assist you in two primary areas:

First, we can help you improve your organisations climate literacy. A climate literate team will be a major asset as you re-engineer your business to meet the challenges of a changing climate, and the evolving regulatory framework.

Second we can assist you to brainstorm what your business will look in a world dramatically altered by climate change. Every industry will be impacted in some way, some are on the frontlines already. Using the latest data we can help you envision the future and by so doing prepare for what is to come.

The challenge that your business faces in the remainder of this decade, is what role you will play in closing the emissions gap as outlined in the Emission Gap Report 2023:

The lack of stringent emission reductions means that the required emission cuts from now to 2030 have increased significantly. To reach emission levels consistent with a below 2°C pathway in 2030, the cuts required per year are now 5.3 per cent from 2024, reaching 8.7 per cent per year on average for the 1.5°C pathway. To compare, the fall in total global GHG emissions from 2019 to 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic was 4.7 per cent (UNEP 2022).

To play an active role in achieving this target is going to require deliberately setting about decoupling your buisness from as many fossil fuel touchpoints as possilble. This, for example, will involve the way transportation is used by the business and looking carefully at the buildings you occupy if any.

We are able to assist with all these elements ensuring that you have everything in place in order to allow your business to set itself on a new path.

There are three pillars to a climate resilient workplace:

Climate Literacy

Climate literacy and all the decisions flowing from this will be championed by a leadership team fully committed to reducing emissions.

Policy Awareness

Goverments will be forced to act to radically reduce emissions. Understanding what these actions will entail will better prepare you.


Being aware of the projected extreme events for the area you are in can help you prepare and ensure the correct business continuty plans are in place

At FutureWork IQ our processes help you in designing these three pillars in order to reap the benefits of a climate resilient workplace.

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Peter du Toit - Future of Work Speaker

“Technology has untethered work from the office cubicle. Today knowledge work can be done from anywhere where there is a stable internet connection. All indications are that the workplaces that enable this flexibility, make organizations more agile, productive, efficien and resilient, but even more importantly, are large contributors to the happiness of the individuals who work in these.”

Peter du Toit


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