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The COVID Pandemic caught millions of businesses totally off guard. There is no need to repeat that same mistake with the climate change challenge!

Climate Change is already beginning to profoundly impact businesses, whether this is because of the rapidly evolving regulatory environment or as a direct result of extreme weather events. Unlike the COVID pandemic, where we had very little advance warning, the evolving climate crisis has a small window of opportunity to firstly, understand what we are likely to deal with and secondly, take urgent mitigation and adaptation actions to minimise disruption.

Jack Welch said it best: “Change before you have too!”

This workshop is designed to give you the necessary tools to make the necessary changes right now.

Climate Literacy enables you to...

Have a basic understanding of earths climate systems

Evaluate credible peer-reviewed climate science

Understand what informs climate policies

Make decisions on how to reduce emissions

Ian Bremmer En-ROAD

Experience an En-ROADS climate simulation

During this exercise you will get to interact with the En-ROADS Climate Simulator, developed by MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative and Climate Interactive which allows you to experiment with approximately 30 climate polices with the goal of keeping global warming well below 2ºC. In the process you will gain a deeper understanding of the system dynamics approach to climate solutions, what high and low leverage actions are and understand what is driving global climate policies.

(Picture: The En-ROADS climate simulator being used at Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum in Beijing. Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer moderates.)


Workshop Outline

Current Climate Crisis Snapshot

To lay the groundwork for the workshop you will gain a good understanding regarding the impacts expected on your current emission trajectory. We will look at sea level rise projects, as well as impacts on crop yields and the impacts on biodiversity.

Climate Model Simulation

Using the En-ROADS climate simulator we will together interact with approximately 30 policies in an attempt to create a scenario that allows us to keep global temperatures well below 2ºC. This process is very insightful as it puts you in policy makers shoes and understand what actions you can take.

Understanding Current Legislation

In this session we will look at current legislation in the EU as a guide to understanding what is to be expected globally in the near future. These insights will help you begin to formulate a picture of the regulatory environment you will be operating in.

What Can You Do To Prepare

This will be a practical session where we will creatively explore the options open to you to prepare your business for the regulatory disruption, as well as extreme weather events.

What previous attendees say…

“I loved this workshop! It was a great way to gain “climate literacy” skills in this invaluable, interactive session. Peter is a great host making sure everyone is pro-active and engaged; the custom climate scenario we created was a real eye-opener making sure everyone left the session feeling empowered to make a change! Thank you, Peter!”


“The highlight for me was the interactivity of the simulation and getting the live demonstration of the complexity of the challenge and potential impact of solutions. The experience really illustrated how complex (and totally interlinked) it is!

Peter was a wonderful and engaged virtual facilitator, I really enjoyed the way he delivered and guided the session, maintaining engagement throughout.”


Your Instructor

Peter du Toit

Peter du Toit

Peter du Toit is the instructor for this class. He has over 25 years of experience in teaching and speaking and has a passion for assisting individuals prepare for the future. Peter is an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador and uses advanced facilitation techniques to help you improve your climate literacy.

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