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Millions of businesses around the globe have now discovered that many jobs can be done from anywhere, having been directed at short notice into remote work situations by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working flexibly and remotely is something that can easily be done on a short term basis. However, when these work environments are not properly and thoughtfully designed it’s not long before the cracks start showing and productivity and team cohesion begins to suffer. Since 2016 we have been carefully tracking the most successful fully remote organizations and this masterclass is a careful curation of all the best practices that have made them successful at working from anywhere. There is no need for you to reinvent the wheel. What is needed is to learn what the best practices are, understand them and then assimilate them into your business.  

The benefits of being able to become a location independent business are many.

This programme is designed to show you step-by-step how to design and deploy a workplace that enables work to be done from anywhere in the world long term.

Attract top talent outside your company’s geographic location

Retain talent that would otherwise be lost

Reduce office space

Create a productive and nimble organization

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Meet Team Automattic

A 1000+ employee company situated completely in the cloud, with no physical offices. The team is spread out over 65 countries globally. They have been working this way for more than 15 years! They and others like them are the companies of the future!


Want Employers to Offer Remote Work


Lower Employee Turnover


Less Office Space Required


Increased Productivity

Class Outline:

#1 Explore all the benefits of flexible remote working

We will explore all the latest research on remote work productivity, staff engagement, and company cost savings as well as how this way of working fits into a business continuity plan.


#2 Learn the POST Methodology



Although technology enables anywhere working and obviously is a crucial to making this possilble, what is even more important are the PEOPLE that will use the technology to get their work done while communicating and collaborating at distance with their colleagues. Here we will explore all the elements that need to be considered, from the need to have leadership teams 100% onboard, having a robust change manament system in place to ensuring not a single member of the team is left behind and that all challenges are surfuced and addressed.



Here we will discuss how setting objectives will help you focus your attention and action. Objectives give you something to
work towards, and help to direct all your energy and effort. They act as a north star. So what is important to your and your team? What does your end goal look like? How will you know you have reached it?
Again research has found that where staff are involved in setting objectives they
are more motivated to achieve them. Again how will ensure that  you bring all your people along with you in this process? This
naturally leads from the what to the how.



Here we discuss all the strategies to help you reach your objectives. We share all the tools and methodologies that are available to you. We spend a lot of time exploring how to ensure that team digital literacy and fluency are of a high standard, especially the ability to communicate and collaborate in technology rich environments as effectively at distance as in-person. We also spend time on how to ensure cohesion in a distributed team and how to maintain company culture. This part of the programme is where the rubber hits the road.



As mentioned earlier technology forms a very important part in enabling anywhere working. In this section of the programme we look at what your technology pillars should include and most importantly understanding how your teams currently work and what technology already exists in your workplace, and if necessary, how to augment any of this. We show how without a clear understanding of your people and their challenges and skills. without clear objectives and a clear stratety the technology is worthless.

What previous attendees say…

“The mix of synchronous instructed-led virtual sessions, asynchronous recorded sessions was great and allowed us to experience this kind of change first hand, which proved to us that working this way is possible. I am confident that if FutureWork IQ had not done the training this way we would have never tried asynchronous ourselves.”

Edwin Watson

Customer Success Manager, iONLINE

“My biggest insight was async working. The team could see what was possible as a result of the way this was presented. I truly believe that you guys are doing a great job. Keep up the great work!”

Dave Farquharson

CEO & Founder – iONLINE

Your Instructor

Peter du Toit

Peter du Toit

Peter du Toit is the author and instructor for this course. He has over 25 years of experience in teaching and speaking and has a passion for assisting individuals and business upskill. Peter heads up FutureWork IQ, a consultancy that specializes in helping businesses design digital workplaces and acquire the skills to work in them.

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