Is your business ready for the Age of the Customer?

This short clip from Salesforce illustrates the world we now live in and the expertise a business must have in order to interact with the modern customer.

Only companies that are able to provide this level of customer service are going to be able to survive in the Age of the Customer.

The really exciting thing is there are companies, right now, who because of digitization, have been able to bring their customers right into the center of everything they do, and as a result, can move at the speed of the modern customer and give them a true world class customer experience.

In the process, these companies are raising the bar for what true customer service looks like. Once you have dealt with a businesses that has this level of customer centricity, dealing with one that has not moved with the times feels as if you are being transported back into the dark ages.

Is your business ready for the Age of the Customer?

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