The arrival of the 24-hour feed

I find the move to disposable social media fascinating. Initially pioneered by Snapchat and now a big deal on Instagram and to some extent Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp, disposable sharing is a powerful evolution on the social web.

It brings with it a level of intimacy and transparency not available before. It’s almost like plugging into someone’s stream of consciousness. It’s addictive and an extremely powerful relationship building tool. I believe this will become the default way we participate on the social web shortly.

The traditional feed is stale and boring by comparison.

As a side issue, I would argue that the majority of what is shared on social should be disposable. There is actually not that much that needs to be permanently saved to your main feed.

If I look at my own social media consumption, the 24-hour feed is where I now spend most of my time. The fact that the content self destructs after 24 hours makes it that much more compelling.

What about you? Have you shifted your attention to the 24-hour feeds?

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