The AR Big Bang Approaches

This is an important read as we race into the new AR world. Our relationship with screens is set for a dramatic shift.

Watch for the first signs of Apple’s moves to dominate this new world on September 12.

To quote Scoble: The Big Bang is approaching.

This from a piece in Fortune Magazine entitled: This is Going to be Apple's Next Hit

“Over the next 10 years, AR will replace the screen as we know it, including those of smartphones and tablets. Apple generated 69% of its revenue from the iPhone and 7% from the iPad last quarter; additionally, the company takes a cut of all software sold on those platforms. If Apple doesn’t find a way to dominate AR, it could see three-quarters or more of its business disappear as new AR-focused hardware supplants the smartphone as our interface to the world.”


1. Does your business have an AR Roadmap? 2. Does your team have the digital dexterity to operate in an AR world?

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