Why Adapting to Change is so important

To be honest I don’t think there can be a more important question to get a clear answer to than this. Regardless of the business you are in.

Truth is the every foundation of how business was done is shifting - dramatically.

I loved this suggestion in this piece entitled Why Some Businesses Thrive While Others Others Fade Into Obscurity in the Age of Constant Change.

“Constantly challenge how things are done: To achieve optimum results in an era of constant change, nothing should be regarded as sacred. Every option must be on the table, and existing processes and approaches constantly examined to ensure that they are delivering as much value as possible. Those that are not, need to be removed and replaced. Having a simple set-and-forget attitude will no longer work. It’s important for senior managers to encourage everyone within their organisation to flag opportunities for improvement that can become a part of ongoing operations. In this way, incremental changes will result in significant long-term results.”

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