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So on Friday there is a proposed bank employee strike. The reason:

“Sasbo is planning to down tools over planned mass retrenchments owing to digitisation, which encourages self-service, with clients using their cellphones and computers rather than walking into a branch. The union expects between 30000 and 40000 members across the financial industry to be involved in the strike on Friday.”

This is like going on strike because the sun rises in the East.

I was recently on a panel at LeaderEx discussing the topic Preparing the Workforce for the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Clearly from these actions this particular workforce is NOT prepared for the ongoing digital revolution. Now should the banks be warning their employees of the rapidly evolving environment they find themselves in and what skills can be acquired by impacted individuals to remain relevant to the bank as it becomes more digital? Of course.

However we ALL need to pay attention to what is happening to our individual industry and profession. Even if you are a doctor or lawyer or other skilled professional.

On the same day as the LeaderEx event I did a keynote at the 12th Annual Johannesburg Secretaries Day event. In the presentation we explored the impact of AI on PA’s – it was the first time many in the audience heard that they are in the frontlines of automation and that ALREADY across the globe their role is becoming redundant.

PA Conference

Here is my recommendation to EVERYONE:

Head over to the Google search engine and type in “The impact of AI on [your profession/industry]” then change the search parameter to reflect results from the past year.

What do you find? What are the predictions for the next 5 years?

Got the answers?

Now DO something about the information at hand. Upskill, reskill! Do what it takes to at least attempt to remain relevant!

Striking because your job is about to be automated is not going to help you one iota! Change is coming whether you like it or not.

I also highly recommend that everyone read the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs 2018 Report as a start. And take this free course we put together entitled Future Skills to Advance Your Career.

Getting back to the bank strike. How are the banks encouraging bank customers to respond to the strike? See the picture!