Carbon emission "lockdowns" a real possibility

We have witnessed firsthand how governments are willing to take drastic measures in the face of danger from a virus.

As the climate emergency evolves and extreme weather events begin to threaten large segments of the global population governments will be forced to act.

The data at hand proves that lockdowns can also flatten the emissions curve and as a result the possibility of large segments of the economy being “locked down” in order to radically cut emissions is a very real possibility.

Change before you have to” is the advice I keep giving. Do an audit of your business and look at where fossil fuels play a part in your generating revenue. Do everything you can to decouple from the need to burn fossil fuels in order to do so.

Do you actually still need an office?

If yes, is it powered by renewable energy?

Does your team need to commute anymore?

If so, is that commute carbon free?

How carbon free is your supply chain?

The more decoupled from fossil fuels you become the less disrupted you will be.

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