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We are on the verge of experiencing highly disruptive events as the climate crisis expands.

Leadership teams should be setting aside time and money to improve their climate literacy and then using that literacy to put continuity plans in place to deal with this disruption.

Unlike the Covid pandemic, which was thrust on us at very short notice, we have had advance warning about climate disruption for years.

The first payments for our fossil fuel during habits are now coming due as we approach the +15.3°C global temperature average mark.

This is +1.5°C above the 1850-1900 average of 13.8°C at which temperature most of our current civilisation was built.

Comparison of temperature of a few years in the recent past

Humans have not experienced such rapid and widespread warming before and as a result our systems and society is not geared to cope with the extreme events associated with this hotter world. This has been very visible in 2023.

As mentioned before global GDP is severely impacted as we continue to heat as a result of the time and money needed to repair infrastructure and adaption.

We have no time left to lose in getting ready for the realities of a hotter world.

How is your preparedness going?