Do you know what makes this group photo special? [Part 1]

This is team Automattic.

Here is what makes it special: Every single person you see in this picture works remotely.

That’s right. Automattic employs just over 1,000 people. The company has no offices. They are valued at $3 billion.

No offices

No lease agreement tie ins

No commutes

Able to hire talent anywhere in the world

Happy productive employees

Agile business

These are the companies of the future.

This coming decade smart currently-bound-by-an-office companies will be re-engineering their workplaces so they too can join the work-from-anywhere revolution.

At their recent Grand Meetup event, the company interviewed some of the employees in attendance. Take a listen to Episode 15 of their podcast to learn what its like to work for a fully distributed company.

(Pic Credit Paulo E. Aquino)

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