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in this short video Bloomberg Businessweek explores the trend that in Europe individuals and companies are asking whether flying is worth the environmental cost.

This is of course a critical question to be asking, given that flying is one of the single biggest CO2 emitting activities a person can engage in.

Pressure is mounting to curtail flying. In view of this there are a number of things I would highly recommend.

Beginning immediately, make your first option a video call or meeting before getting on a plane to fly. This would be a great thing to do even if the option is to drive to a meeting in your geographic location.

The faster you become very comfortable with using technology for your meetings and events, the better prepared you are going to be when the regulations arrive and they are going to arrive. For example in Germany there are proposals being discussed to ban all domestic flights, encouraging people to take the train instead.

In addition to this, virtual work skills are going to become even more in demand. (Check out our course entitled Virtual Work Skills for the Modern Workplace)