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These comments were made by the worlds top Go players after being defeated by a character called Master the name that was given to the AlphaGo AI built by Google. The AI won 60 of its 60 games against the worlds best. (Humans Mourn Loss After Google is Unmasked as China’s Go Master)

Those that played against Master were left with an ominous feeling as is born out by these comments. (AlphaGo has been retired from the game and is now turning its attention to solving problems in health and energy amongst others.)

Artificial Intelligence is real and it’s coming at us at breakneck speed. What will it mean for your job or profession? Do you know the impact it’s already having? Preparing for an AI take-over of your job or profession is a super smart thing to do. This piece is a must read in this regard: Preparing in case of an Artificial Intelligence job winter.

“Many felt that Go [the 2,500-old game], with its strategic subtlety and massive number of possible board states, would prove a bulwark against the encroachment of computers on human abilities. But AlphaGo’s defiance of those expectations sends a clear message: no skill or job can be considered truly insulated from the impacts of artificial intelligence.” (Source)