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Michael Goldman

Over on LinkedIn Michael Goldman, working at the University of San Francisco, shared this update about his speaking engagement at an event in South Africa. However he didn’t get in a plane and fly all the way here to do so – he spoke via Zoom.

More of this will happen.

There is a growing awareness around the world about what we can do to reduce emissions. This conversation is happening everywhere. Checkout the hashtags drive less or fly less on social media to see everyday people making different decisions about driving and flying. Emanating out of Sweden, and spreading, is the “flygskam” movement – the conversation is going mainstream.

Last month an opinion piece by Andy Newman in the NYT entitled If Seeing the World Helps Ruin It, Should We Stay Home? generated almost a 1,000 comments leading the Times’s Travel Desk to start looking at their travel habits.

In the next 10 years governments are going to step in to regulate transportation in an attempt to meet their Paris Accord commitments. (Check out this move by the French Government as an example France Plans To Put An ‘Ecotax’ On Nearly All Air Travel) The measures are going to be radical. Fundamentally changing the way we get around.

Events like the one depicted here will change too and instead of getting people to drive to a venue many more of these will happen online.

Here is a tip for you. Video communication is going to become a critical skill to have. As a result become a pro at being able to communicate with ease using the medium.

Also seriously consider getting your head around how to host an online event that matches the in-person experience. It’s entirely possible as I have attended some seriously high touch virtual events.

Mastering these skills will help put you ahead of the game and the coming legislation.