Going back to normal is to miss a massive opportunity

In this NYT piece entitled Traffic and Pollution Plummet as US Cities Shut Down for Coronavirus the NO2 shows the dramatic impact less traffic is having on city air quality. These data points are being seen in every country where lockdowns have been enforced.

This also means that tons of CO2 is not pouring into the atmosphere. (I shared some data on this here)

Every single business that can function virtually needs to use this opportunity to seriously consider doing so permanently. Not only is this good for the bottom line and for staff wellbeing and productivity, the science is crystal clear we need to reduce global emissions by 7.6% every year this decade to avoid permanent catastrophic consequences. Allowing knowledge workers to work from anywhere will be a giant step in helping achieve this goal!

As we all play our part to slow the spread of the virus, so too we need to play our part in slowing the warming of the planet.

Will you play your individual part?

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