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Pretoria to Sandton

This stretch of highway between Pretoria and Johannesburg carries about 300,000 cars per day. A round trip of 94km between the points on the map.

Based on the calculation that an average motor vehicle produces 120g of CO2/km just this one stretch of road contributes to a staggering amount of CO2 emissions daily.

Here are the numbers:

300,000 cars x 120g x 94km = 3,384,000,000g
3,384,000,000 ÷ 1,000 = 3,384,000kg

3,3 million kg every single day
16,5 million kg every week
775 million kg every year

Allowing people to work from home will dramatically change this equation. Dropping these emissions are low hanging fruit.

Since we have the workplace technology and we know how to use it to allow people to work remotely, it is HIGHLY irresponsible not to make these adjustments as soon as possible.

How far is your business down the path of slashing your emissions?