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Flight emissions

To be clear some in-person meetings are obviously unavoidable, but a LARGE number are.

Having some carbon literacy about your footprint when you fly can be a strong motivator to rather meet online vs flying to be in-person.

Here is an example.

This is the per passenger CO2 emissions for a flight from Johannesburg > Paris > Johannesburg — 1,048.2kg

That is the equivalent of forty five (45) 23kg suitcases. So imagine you are at baggage collect to pickup your 23kg suitcase. Then, instead of just leaving with your single bag you have to take another 45!

It would take 50 trees 1 year to remove just the CO2 you created from this one flight from the atmosphere.

Before your next flight why not check what your CO2 emissions will be here

Dramatically reducing flight emissions by simply flying less is low hanging fruit.

(See Worse Than Anyone Expected’: Air Travel Emissions Vastly Outpace Predictions)