How did we get here?

While we are scrambling to adapt to the mitigation actions we have had to take to remain safe from this pandemic, we need to at some point stop and ask: How did we get here? While investigations are ongoing it would seem the infection originated in a wet market in Wuhan - stemming directly from the way animals are treated. But this is not just a Chinese problem. It’s a global problem. (Remember the Swine flu [H1N1] outbreak originating in pigs in the US?)

“Unnaturally high concentrations of animals confined indoors in a limited airspace and producing significant quantities of waste may allow for the rapid selection, amplification, and dissemination of zoonotic pathogens.”— Dr. Michael Greger

(See The Animal-Human Interface and Infectious Disease in Industrial Food Animal Production: Rethinking Biosecurity and Biocontainment) The trajectory we are on is COMPLETELY unsustainable. We need a global system change. We need to show up differently in the world. That change starts with US and the daily choices WE make. A safer, less polluted, kinder world is literally in our power to create. In almost all aspects of how we live and work “business as usual” is no longer an option.

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