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The IRI’s seasonal forecast for the period Apr-Jun 2024 through Jul-Sep 2024 has this to say:

“Regarding temperature, strongly enhanced probabilities for above-normal temperature are forecasted across most land areas throughout the forecast period.”

IRI Seasonal Climate Forecast

You can check the areas likely to be exposed to heatwaves during this period yourself on the link above.

How prepared is your business if you are in a risk area? Do you have a business continuity plan in place? Also worth remembering that extreme heat events now last longer on average than before.

Here is a good 4-point preparation plan from the Red Cross which would be worth visiting and implementing if your are in a risk area.

Heatwaves impact way more than just the temperature on a thermometer. As we have seen they impact infrastructure, productivity, health, environment and more.

Leadership climate literacy will help keep staff and businesses functioning during extreme events as we move deeper into the climate crisis.

Pakistan/India 2022 Heatwave Analysis