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This bit of news from Japan: Tokyo commuters told to work from home to avert Olympic transport nightmare

I’m actually amazed it has taken authorities as long as it has to realize that by using *current* technology and the know-how we *already* have we can solve the madness of daily commutes, city road congestion as well as the staggering emissions this creates daily. ( See Here is one reason why companies need to enable remote working for knowledge workers immediately)

“More than 50,000 employees from Fujitsu and more than 10,000 workers from NEC will join the government scheme, which has been trialed on smaller scales since 2017. Ricoh will close its headquarters to allow 2,000 employees to work remotely.

63,000 people took part in the first trial in 2017, with the number jumping to 300,000 people from 1,682 organisations in 2018, METI confirmed.”

So if it’s possible to do this for a sports event, then why can’t it be done to remove millions of cars off the roads?

We have the solutions to some of todays burning issues. Its time to implement them everywhere.