Its back to sitting in traffic if you cant solve this

“But increasingly, what I’m hearing from business leaders is ‘We can’t do [remote work] forever because I am losing the bond that I have with my team. I am losing the culture [and] the brand identity of my enterprise. To maintain that, we need our people back together.’ ” Jim Montez, Transwestern

If this is the experience with remote work then it’s a crystal clear indication that no time has been spent DESIGNING the remote workplace. If it is well DESIGNED then the above will be a non-issue.

How do we know this?

Because there are extremely successful office-less companies that have been able to do just that. These organizations employ thousands of people spread out over hundreds of countries and across multiple time zones, yet despite being separated by physical distance their teams have very close bonds and company culture and brand identity is completely in tact.

So it’s been proven that it can be done very successfully. BUT it doesn’t happen by chance. It must be careful DESIGNED.

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