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IMF working paper

In the above paper they make this observation:

“There is growing agreement between economists and scientists that the tail risks are material and the risk of catastrophic and irreversible disaster is rising, implying potentially infinite costs of unmitigated climate change, including, in the extreme, human extinction.”

Clearly business as usual is NOT an option considering the risks!

We (Public Sector, Private Sector, Civil Society) are facing a monumental challenge to decouple the global economy from fossil fuels. While we wait for governments to act on the bigger picture, we can all, as individuals and businesses, do our part to begin to decouple using existing technology. For example:

– Switch office buildings to renewable energy, or reduce the need for them altogether by building an “office in the cloud” that enables flexible and remote working.

– Drive and fly less by using video communication technologies like Skype or Zoom to meet online instead of it always being in-person

Any steps we can take to reduce emissions will be a step in the right direction. You can read the full paper here.