Let’s end the daily commute for as many people as possible

The science, for decades, has been very clear — there is a direct link between these two pictures. Increases in greenhouse gases have tipped the Earth's energy budget out of balance, trapping additional heat and raising Earth's average temperature which is causing a dramatic shift in climate and an increase in extreme weather events.

Covid has taught us that we can, as a result of forcing remote work, remove large numbers vehicles off the road, resulting in dramatic reductions in NO2 and CO2 emissions across hundreds of cities. (See Coronavirus: lockdown's effect on air pollution provides rare glimpse of low-carbon future)

We need to do this permanently. We need to do this NOW.

We know that road transportation is responsible for almost 12% of global emissions.

We have the technology and know how to remove millions of vehicles from the daily commute. It would highly irresponsible not to do so given what the science is telling us about the urgent need for action on decoupling from fossil fuels.

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