I'm the founder of FutureWork IQ where I spend my time assisting businesses to design digital workplaces or “offices in the cloud.” These environments enable companies to allow flexible and remote working for their teams. I also teach the digital literacy, fluency, communication and collaboration skills needed to work in these modern technology-rich workplaces.

In the very near future we are going to need an all society approach to reverse the pictured trajectory.

This is the most important challenge of our time and the science is clear on the catastrophic consequences if we fail to to bend this curve down, some of which we are already experiencing. See Postcards From a World on Fire

Having a clear view of every single fossil fuel touch point in your business and working to eliminate those will likely become the most important goal for the immediate future.

The pandemic has gifted us with an opportunity to reimagine the workplace completely. For example, we now know with certainty that we can end the fossil-fuel-driven commutes of hundreds of millions of knowledge workers. Smart leadership teams are doing just that effectively eliminating a fossil fuel touch point.