No trust — no remote work

For a company to allow it’s employees to work from anywhere, requires by its very nature, that management trusts everyone will get their work done without in-person supervision.

Does your workplace have a trust culture?

Trust is of course a two-way street, so while its essential to have trusting managers, it’s just as important to have trustworthy employees. A good place to start when considering the topic of trust is with some honest self reflection asking “How trustworthy am I?”

Here is a quick checklist. How would you rate yourself on these?

I always tell the truth

I am on time

I keep my promises

I don’t shirk my responsibilities

I am transparent

I admit when I don’t know something

I admit when I am wrong

I take responsibility for failures

I trust others

Trust is earned. By building a reputation based on the above, it is much easier for an individual to be entrusted with anywhere work.

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