I'm the founder of FutureWork IQ where I spend my time assisting businesses to design digital workplaces or “offices in the cloud.” These environments enable companies to allow flexible and remote working for their teams. I also teach the digital literacy, fluency, communication and collaboration skills needed to work in these modern technology-rich workplaces.

There were some predictions some time back that most businesses are going to become technology companies because of digitizing all their processes. As a result they will begin behaving like technology companies. Especially when it comes to how they make digital a core competency.

This is is now happening!

If you look at the traditional tech companies like Facebook, Google etc. there is an interesting trend. On average Facebook buys on average 9 startups per year vs 18 startups for Apple vs 23 startups for Samsung. (Stats from Julien Blin)

Non-tech Digital

In the Mary Meeker 2016 Internet Report the slide above clearly shows how “non-tech companies are buying tech companies instead of building their way into digital, and [how] many are hedging their own doom by investing in their successors (General Motors funding Lyft, Whole Foods funding Instacart).” (Source: The best Meeker 2016 Internet trends slides and what they mean)

In some cases this may be one of the easiest was to leapfrog the digitization process. Interesting times!