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The IEA on Tuesday published its annual World Energy Outlook 2019 report

You can read some key takeaways in this piece in the NYT entitled 5 Global Trends Shaping Our Climate Future

“The world’s appetite for energy keeps surging, and the rise of renewables so far hasn’t been fast enough to satisfy all that extra demand. The result: fossil fuels use, particularly natural gas, keeps growing to supply the rest. “Without new policies in place, the world will miss its climate goals by a very large margin,” said Fatih Birol, the agency’s executive director.”

This is a very sobering look at our current fossil fuel energy consumption trajectory and what needs to happen for us to avert what the recent IPCC report describes as a global climate catastrophe.

Every single entity that burns fossil fuels to generate revenue is going to have to find a way to decouple revenue generation from fossil fuels in the next decade.

What are your plans to do this?

This press conference is a must watch: