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Pay attention to the instruments they tell us exactly where we are headed:

Satellite Data: Unreflected incoming absorbed solar radiation exceeds the outgoing heat radiation.

As a result we are heating and, it would seem when looking at the recent data, at an accelerating rate.

We know exactly what is blocking the outgoing heat radiation, namely the greenhouse gases being poured into the atmosphere by our continued burning of fossil fuels.

We cannot negotiate with the physics.

If we want to slow this down then starting in 2024 we need to reduce emissions by:

5.3% to put us on a below 2°C pathway
8.7% to put us on a below 1.5°C pathway

(Context: Covid measures resulted in a 4.7% slowdown)

We need to do this every year thereafter until 2030.

What role will you play in all this?
What role will your business play?