I'm the founder of FutureWork IQ where I spend my time assisting businesses to design digital workplaces or “offices in the cloud.” These environments enable companies to allow flexible and remote working for their teams. I also teach the digital literacy, fluency, communication and collaboration skills needed to work in these modern technology-rich workplaces.

“What we’ve proven is that you can work from anywhere, for any company. So what you’ll see is a separation between where I choose to live and where I choose to work.”Anna Curzon

Since technology has liberated work from the four walls of a physical office, we now have so much freedom! If you long to live in the country away from a congested city you can! Being location independent means de-urbanization is now a reality!

This is a move we made two years ago. We moved out of a congested city into a peaceful, close to nature, coastal town, where our quality of life is so much better! No bad air quality, no traffic, friendly people and a slower pace.

All thanks to a digital workplace or as I like to call it an “office in the cloud.”

People used to say “I wish I could live there, but I have to be here for work.”

No more! What a time to be alive.