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21 years worth of peer-reviewed scientific papers on “global warming” or “global climate change” are very clear on where we are headed. (See Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature)

It has become EXTREMELY urgent to act to avert a global catastrophe. There is no debating this.

Many of the very same scientists involved in producing this research are pointing out that we do not have the technology yet to make an impact on this issue NOW and NOW is the time to make an impact. We can’t wait.

Here is their comment:

“The time has come to voice our fears and be honest with wider society. Current net zero policies will not keep warming to within 1.5°C because they were never intended to. They were and still are driven by a need to protect business as usual, not the climate. If we want to keep people safe then large and sustained cuts to carbon emissions need to happen now. That is the very simple acid test that must be applied to all climate policies. The time for wishful thinking is over.”

Fossil fuel driven transportation is a major driver of emissions. We need to cut air and road commutes now. The pandemic has shown us how.