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Because of the prevalence of Microsoft software inside organizations and the numbers that are upgrading to Office 365 it’s becoming clear that, for many businesses, Office 365 will become a cornerstone of their digital workplace initiatives.


It’s old news that Microsoft was falling behind during a time where more and more organizations were discovering how powerful cloud enabled workplaces are, especially when it comes unlocking the ability to be able to work from anywhere. Google saw itself uncontested in this space for sometime and were the leaders in providing businesses with the ability to work in a cloud based environment making G Suite so popular.

To Microsoft’s credit, under the leadership of Satya Nadella they reinvented themselves, to play catchup with how the workplace was evolving. You can read the fascinating story here: How do you turn around the culture of a 130,000-person company? Ask Satya Nadella

Today with Office 365 and Azure they have become a cloud-first company and again a force to be reckoned with in the context of a modern cloud enabled digital workplace. (See this piece entitled: Forget Windows — Microsoft is now all about the cloud )

A spokeswoman from Microsoft commented as follows when asked about adoption: “We’re not breaking out customer, user, or revenue numbers at this time,” She did reiterate, however that, the “momentum” statement Microsoft has made previously that Office 365 is “on track” to be one of the “fastest growing offers” ever for the company is still relevant. (Source) I believe Office 365 adoption will grow dramatically as companies upgrade legacy software and that there will come a time in the not too distant future that it will become the standard in the workplace. For many companies Office 365 will become the corner stone of their new digital workplaces.

Office 365


As a result of the above the chances are you will find your self in a workplace that will require you to be able to work using Office 365.

In our online course entitled Virtual Work Skills For the Modern Workplace one of the skills we explore ICT Literacy, the ability to adopt and adapt to technology as it evolves in the workplace. One of the recommendations we make in the module that discusses ICT Literacy and how to develop your literacy, is that you need to find online resources that help you to understand the technology that is being used in your workplace and this course by Microsoft entitled Modernize your workplace with Microsoft 365 and Surface for Business is a great example of that.

I highly recommend that you work through this as it will give you a very good understanding of what Office 365 is all about and how it is used in a modern digital workplace.


As you work through this course pay particular attention to the Customer Success Stories they feature. These will give you a glimpse of how Office 365 is used in practice and what workplaces that deploy this look and feel like.

Do come back and provide your feedback on this course. Welcome to the modern world of work!