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my flexible job

Yes there are employers like Scott’s. They have evolved their businesses into modern workplaces, enabled flexible/remote working for their teams and are reaping the benefits: happier more productive teams, and increased profitability.

This is happening in even traditionally “conservative” industries, like accounting firms. This from Porter Keadle Moore an accounting firm in Atlanta:

“One of our employee’s husbands was relocating to Costa Rica for six months for his job. We allowed her to work remotely from Costa Rica for the six months so that they could be together. Another employee’s husband is stationed in Japan, and so works remotely for one month in Japan every summer. We allowed two employees to relocate to other states and work 100-percent remotely to be with their spouses as they completed residency programs. And we hired another employee to work 100-percent remotely so he can be close to his family and assist with a sibling with special needs.”

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