Smart Move: NASA to stress test their remote working capability

Physical distancing is a powerful tool in the fight to slow the spread of Covid-19. That by definition means that schools and businesses need to close for a period. Remote work is a way to ensure business continuity. Are you ready? Here is what NASA is doing on Friday to stress test their remote work capability:

“As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, NASA is taking various actions to maintain preparedness. To that end, Friday, March 6, will be an agency-wide telework day. NASA centers and headquarters regularly perform telework drills to test our capabilities, resources, and preparedness for large-scale teleworking.” — Bettina Inclán, a NASA spokesperson

Stress testing working from home is smart business. When we help teams evolve their workplaces to accommodate flexible and remote working, we encourage teams try one or two days a week and then a week at time to iron out any unforseen challenges before rolling remote work out as a permanent option. Change before you have to!

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