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On Saturday Prof Tulio de Oliveira outlined how the delta variant is spreading across South Africa causing the current surge in cases.

This variant is 30-60% more transmissible.

Given this unfolding situation it would be prudent to keep everyone in your business who can, working from home. Also understand that our only path out of these waves of infections is for us to reach population immunity via the vaccine programme. To reach that level we need to have 60-70% of the population vaccinated which analysts predict will be mid-2022 for South Africa. (See here)

Given the above scenario our strong recommendation to you is reach out for help to make your remote working sustainable long-term. This will ensure you have minimal disruption to your operations until such time as as we have reached population immunity.

Those organizations that use this situation to reinvent the way they work and from where will be better placed to deal with not only the continued disruption from this disease but also from future events that will have an impact on mobility.