I'm the founder of FutureWork IQ where I spend my time assisting businesses to design digital workplaces or “offices in the cloud.” These environments enable companies to allow flexible and remote working for their teams. I also teach the digital literacy, fluency, communication and collaboration skills needed to work in these modern technology-rich workplaces.

I am encouraged by those leadership teams that are taking steps to formalize their remote work arrangements and tackle the challenges that have emerged over the lockdown period.

Here is the thing a successful flexible & remote working environment is DESIGNED it does NOT just happen.

By and large, most organizations have been forced by circumstances into Level 2 of the remote work maturity scale.

Basically, this is Synchronous Remote and if a plan is not put in place to move up the maturity scale to Asynchronous Remote you will be heading back into physical offices because Synchronous Remote is really painful and is a precursor to people suffering from burnout and generally having a bad remote work experience.

If you want to make remote work you have to put a plan in place to move out of Level 2 as quickly as possible.

Remote work maturity levels