The latest science demands an end to business as usual

As you can see from this data:

The reduction of carbon emissions must, quite literally, fall off a cliff starting this year and then continue falling 15% every year thereafter for the next decade, if we are going to stand a chance at avoiding the global catastrophe that will unfold if temperatures rise above 1.5°C.

We ALL have a role to play in this no matter the business, industry or profession. We need to be looking at EVERYTHING we do to generate revenue through the lens of carbon emissions and ask “What do we need to do to reduce and then eliminate these?”

What’s your plan? Is it to ensure that your offices switch to renewable energy? Is it to dramatically reduce tailpipe emissions by enabling remote work for your teams? Is it to fly less by meeting online instead? Is it to present online events instead of in-person? There is lots we can immediately do with available technology and know-how.

It’s smart business to act on this now before you are forced to. Every delay will inevitably end up costing more.

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