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Scientists have for decades been sounding the alarm about zoonotic pandemics such as this one. Scientists have also been warning that large animal farms are another major area of concern. (See ‘Why wait for it?’ How to predict a pandemic)

The science is clear: If we do not change our relationship with animals we WILL have another incident like this. This should be a powerful lesson.

Climate science has also been warning for decades that we are approaching a catastrophe if we don’t change trajectory. We are ALREADY seeing impacts which is why this Fed announcement must be taken seriously.

“Abrupt price changes from climate-related disasters could also create difficult-to-predict knock-on effects through financial markets, the report said, particularly because not enough is understood, or disclosed, about the true extent of exposures to climate risks.”

If you want to avoid the coming mass mitigation disruption do everything in your power to decouple your business (and career) from the need to burn fossil fuels.