I'm the founder of FutureWork IQ where I spend my time assisting businesses to improve their climate literacy so as to understand the projected impacts from the expanding climate crisis and how to adapt their workplaces in the face of these impacts.

Asim Qureshi

This is Asim Qureshi, the CEO of Jibble and his two children, Sabeen and Danyel.

What’s happening in this picture? Asim explains:

“This has got to be one of the best ways to work. And it works really well if your kids are homeschooled.

Sabeen is doing her mathematics with occasional help from her tutor on Skype, Danyal is learning to code, I’m doing my stuff.
Before you say it, relax, my kids have plenty of friends – they’re not at home all day.

But does it actually work? Yes.

We have no commute so save time there, we enjoy working like this so work harder, we have no distractions.
Academically, my kids are 5-6 years ahead, and each can speak 5 languages, and I get way more done like this than when I go to the office, where I constantly get distracted – everyone is a Slack message or video call away.

In fact, many of the team at Jibble work from wherever in the world they want, most of them whenever they want – because we focus on productivity – not time spent in the office. Times have changed. Attitudes to work haven’t.”

We are URGENTLY needing to change the way we work and live in order to bring our carbon emissions down. Right now, with today’s technology, we can end the need for daily commutes to offices and even schools. Using available technology we can go to school and work — from anywhere.

Is it perfect? There is never perfect, but it does allow us to remove millions of cars off the roads, dramatically reducing emissions. The added benefit? Research shows this flexibility, is better for your health and your productivity. It saves companies infrastructure costs, it assists with retention and talent acquisition. It is the future of work.

And now children can be taught how to work this way from early on.

Smart companies are quickly moving towards this modern way of working. Why not you?