We have the technology and know-how — why aren’t we using it?

This data point is out of California where Next 10 did an analysis of emission sources and found that passenger vehicles make up 28% of the State’s emissions. Noel Perry who is affiliated with Next 10:

“This is one of the gnarliest challenges, how do we reduce commute times and how do we build denser housing?”

But is it really a “gnarliest challenge?”

There is no doubt that a large percentage of the commuting is to work and back. If companies designed and deployed digital workplaces, then at least for knowledge workers, their commute to work could be ended and in the process slash the emissions that result from this!

Why are we not looking at this, not just in California but globally?

I maintain that there is so much low hanging fruit to be picked in helping us slash emissions and this falls in that category!

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