We have to urgently redesign the way we do business

As far as the emergency scale action required to get to net zero in 2030 we are completely off track.

🚨 Here is the latest CO2 data from the Hawaii Mauna Loa Observatory:

🚨 Here is the latest temperature data from Antarctica Antarctica just hit 65 degrees it’s warmest temperature recorded — it comes days after earths warmest January on record

We need an urgent global system wide change and for that we need governments to act.

However, while we wait for them ALL responsible businesses need to look for ways to IMMEDIATELY decouple revenue generation from the need to burn fossil fuels.

There are things that we can do right now with available technology. One is to stop the daily commute of millions of knowledge workers, another is how we present conferences, which is why I am excited to attend this event hosted by Leiden University in the Netherlands. (Registration link)

Change before you have to!

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