Welcome to the decade of “stranded assets”

(Graphic source: Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact index by major sector and dimension 2020)

The pandemic has graphically illustrated how quickly external events can result in “stranded assets.”


Guest houses




Shopping centers



This all happened as a result of efforts to mitigate against the spread of the virus. The exact same thing is going to transpire as we urgently move on mitigating against climate change.

As with covid many, industries, businesses and careers are going to become “stranded assets.”

As a result do everything you can to decouple your business (and career) from the need to burn fossil fuels.


Using an office? Do you really need it? If so, is it powered by renewable energy?

Have to commute to work using combustion engines? Can you eliminate the need for a daily commute? If not, can you switch to electric or other renewable transportation?

Do you have fly for business? Can you replace a flight with a virtual meeting?


Use this graphic to determine where your business touches fossil fuels and ask “how can I/we break our reliance on this?”

Change before you have to.

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