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Last week a joint NASA, NOAA study was released that finds earth’s energy imbalance has doubled between 2005 and 2019.

“A positive energy imbalance means the Earth system is gaining energy, causing the planet to heat up.”

The scientists describe this doubling as being caused by a likely “mix of anthropogenic forcing and internal variability, and over this period [2005 – 2019] they’re both causing warming, which leads to a fairly large change in Earth’s energy imbalance. The magnitude of the increase is unprecedented.”

The impact on the earths climate and resulting weather is visible everywhere, for example the current recording breaking heatwave in the US.

Scott Duncan

Urgent action is required to limit what is already a dire situation. Carbon Lockdowns are in our immediate future.

I strongly recommend that you put on a pair of carbon emission glasses and take a careful look at your business – where are you burning fossil fuels to operate? What can you do to de-couple from those touch points?

The pressure to do so is going to increase rapidly and will obviously be seriously disruptive to those who do not see it coming. And it is coming.

For example:

“The [European Central Bank] is looking at tailoring monetary policy to favour companies working to reduce their carbon footprint or to punish polluters. Options under consideration include skewing asset purchases to favour companies with low emissions or those who make a concerted effort to transform their business.”

How central banks are responding to climate change

The time to act on this is now.

Do you really need that office?
Do you really need to commute to it?
Do you really need to take that flight?
Does this event really need to be in-person?