What impact is your commute having on your health

A few days ago on LinkedIn I shared this post on the “return to work” highway traffic in Johannesburg.

In the post comments people shared how much of their time is wasted sitting in traffic and how tired and stressed they felt when arriving at work. The health impacts from having to commute everyday are documented.

The list is an eye opener and we should be asking how can this be okay given that we already have the technology and the know-how to end an office commute for millions of people?

From a Time piece 10 Things Your Commute Does to Your Body:

Your blood sugar rises

Your cholesterol is higher

Your depression risk rises

Your anxiety increases

Your happiness and life satisfaction decline

Your blood pressure temporarily spikes

Your blood pressure rises over time as well

Your cardiovascular fitness drops

Your sleep suffers

Your back aches

Surely it’s time for companies to design workplaces that allow for flexible anywhere work?

The human health cost is real. The environmental impact is real. We really need to work smarter!

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