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LinkedIn Stories
Stories are a very powerful digital communication medium!

In all my years of digital communication, nothing has come close to creating digital intimacy and connection as has Stories. When Snapchat debuted this form of communication in 2011 we adopted this as a way to communicate as a family and it’s played a crucial role in keeping us connected despite the distances that separate us.

The medium is powerful because it allows you to communicate actions (emotions, eating, interacting etc.) happenings (updates) characters (people & animals) and settings (environments) in a light easy way providing unique intimate glimpses into each other’s worlds.

Sooner or later the way we communicate privately arrives in the workplace.

For example Facebook, Twitter and Reddit gave rise to the Enterprise Social Networks that have become essential communication tools enabling anywhere work. Stories will be the same. (Eg. see: Slack is getting Instagram-like stories and push-to-talk audio calls for the pandemic era)

My suggestion? Get your head around the medium it’s going to be widely used in the workplace soon!