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Covid Office

Technically given the new regulations in South Africa everyone could be back at the office, although it is highly recommended that those who can, continue working from home to avoid the risk of infection.

A local company had an outbreak in its offices this past week with 5 individuals testing positive. There is now a large number of employees who are in quarantine as a result of close contact with their positive colleagues.

Considering the layout of the office, it would be very easy for the virus to spread without strict adherence to safety protocols.

There are two things about this.

* Leadership teams must understand that the office essentially has become like a biohazard lab in terms of protocols. Without this approach you are essentially courting disaster.

* In this case, given the nature of the work being done at this office, why are the majority of employees not working from home? Is it because it was easier to just go “back to normal” when offices could reopen?

Office outbreaks of this nature are going to be repeated often in the months to come severely disrupting businesses.

If there was ever a time to do the work that will enable your people to continue working from home indefinitely then this is it.