World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report 2020

The above from the World Economic Forums The Future of Jobs Report 2020. If you have a strategy to do these 3 things well (ie by DESIGN) you will fair better than those who don’t in the months ahead.

> DESIGN a remote work workplace (making the best of a situation that you have been forced into it at short notice is not good enough for the long haul - you have to hit a brief pause and ensure that ALL the boxes are ticked to be successful at remote working - this DOES NOT happen by chance)

> Ensure EVERYONE in your team has the necessary Digital Literacy to be able to work in technology rich environments

The following skills make up the term Digital Literacy:

* Online Career & Identity Management

* Digital Communicate & Collaboration

* ICT Literacy

* Information Literacy

* Media Literacy

* Lifelong Learning

(See Virtual Work Skills for the Modern Workplace)

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