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Digital Workplace Design

Workshops & Trainings

Virtual Keynote Presentations

Digital Workplace Design

We can assist you step-by-step to design a digital workplace or “office in the cloud” unique to your business. This process involves understanding what you already have in place and augmenting that if necessary. It also involves understanding what your team’s current digital literacy levels are as well as the skills your managers will need to manage a virtual team.

Flexible & Remote Working
Virtual Training & Workshops

Workshops & Trainings

These are live online instructor-led events

Virtual Work Skills for the Modern Workplace

In this 4-hour programme (split into 1-hour modules) we explore the 7 competencies required for virtual work and help attendees with acquiring these. This is a rich online experience that will ensure that your team has the necessary digital literacy and fluency to be able to work effectively from anywhere. 

Workshops & Trainings

These are live online instructor-led events

Ensuring Sustainable, Flexible and Remote Working Masterclass

In this 4-hour programme (split into 1-hour modules) we take you through all the elements that must be in place in order to ensure sustainable, long-term flexible and remote working. You will leave this programme with a clear understanding of everything you need to have in place, as well as a step-by-step process to achieve this.

(This programme is designed for those in your business that will be responsible for managing the flexible/remote working transition. This would normally include a Project Manager, a HR executive, an IT executive, and a member from the leadership team that will be championing the transition.)

Digital Workplace Design
Virtual Keynotes

Virtual Keynote Presentations

Peter du Toit is available to present virtually to your team. His current topics include: ​

  • Designing a Digital Workplace for Sustainable Flexible/Remote Working

  • Leadership in a Distributed Workforce

  • Employee Digital Literacy – The Key To Success This Decade

  • The Impact of Technology on the Future of Commercial Real Estate

Speaker Background

Peter has always had a keen interest in technology and its impact on how business is done. Throughout his business career, he has been an early adopter and as a result, he’s described by his peers as “being ahead of his time” and “visionary.” In early 2006 he founded a consultancy, Social Media IQ, which helped individuals and brands use modern communication technology to gain brand exposure and drive business objectives. The consultancy did work for, amongst others, The Kingdom of The Netherlands Embassy, Momentum, Canon and Unilever. In early 2016 Social Media IQ was rebranded as FutureWork IQ which now specialises in helping businesses prepare for the disruptive future of work and in so doing, future proof their businesses.

Peter was enrolled in a speaking school by his parents at the tender age of 6 and as a result of years of experience speaking to thousands of people, he has gained the ability to both inspire and convey a message in a powerful succinct way. He is a master public speaker who will leave you with a clear understanding of the topic at hand and enough inspiration to take action.

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